I am soon very happy! I have FINALLY gotten around to doing something with my twinchie swaps from convention…..well some of them anyway!
You may remember that these were the enormous amount of swaps we received….the were over 40 in all and it was a little bit of mayhem at the restaurant trying to swap them all and remembering who exactly you had swapped with!
Here they all are –
We’re a very creative bunch aren’t we – if you remember from a previous post, our challenge was a 2 inch ‘inche’ – which we aptly named a ‘twinchie’ in the Brights Colour Collection, with a party theme!
Some of my favourites have now ended up looking gorgeous in this frame –
I’m very happy with how it has turned out!
I would love to see any inchie creations you have made!
Happy Crafting!

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