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I love a Happy Ending…and our Irresistibly Yours DSP

More playing with vinyl today for my little sign at the market stall.
I was super happy with the writing, but felt it really needed something more behind it to ‘lift’ it a little…

Here was version 1! –

I wasn’t SUPER happy with the result.  I liked it…it was OK…. but i wanted it to POP a bit more…
so i used some inspiration that I got from our team day with the Irresistibly Yours DSP and some colours…..

Here is Take 2! –

Now I liked this one more than the other.  I loved the colour – but it was quite bright….so what to do???
You know how those thoughts just jump into your mind…. combine them I thought!

Now this version I LOVE!

Here is Take 3! – The Chosen One 😉

So whats your pic???? 1, 2 or 3….I would love to hear what you think, so pop a comment in below and let me know 🙂

Easter Buckets.

I stepped out of my comfort zone today and made something a little different.
I have been wanting to try my hand at vinyl for a really long time, but never seemed to get around to it.
Well, I’m having a stall at a market on Friday night, so i thought I had better pull my finger out and have a play.
I am fairly happy with the results.
They are cute and will hold a few eggs from a hunt, or one of those large easter eggs.
I think I will have to branch out and play some more….wish me luck!